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Internal component production
Once completed, the technical drawings of the designed components are sent to the production department: here, expert millers and turners make the finished parts, which, if necessary, will be further processed according to their final function.
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Technical office
You will not find the desks of our technical office cluttered with rolls of paper and stacks of drawings: our staff of designers uses the latest design software for the realization of the technical drawings of the components of our machines.
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Raw materials
We produce most of the mechanical components of our machines in perfect autonomy: here it is, a part of our stock of raw materials, the best from Italy and Europe.
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Thank you!
Thanks to all those who came to visit us during the IWCS: it was a pleasure to meet you, as always.
For any information, feel free to contact us!


Youtube time-lapse
The construction of a cable taping and sintering line in few seconds.


iwcs visitor report
Remember: 15th and 16th October, IWCS, Providence, Amaral Automation booth #228.
We will be waiting for you there!


Stand Wire China 2018
As soon as we got back from Wire China 2018 that ended last Saturday at the SNIEC in Shanghai, here we are to make its report.


We never stop!
In mid-October we look forward to seeing you at IWCS in Providence, USA, at booth #228 of our agent Amaral Automation.
We have interesting news, don't miss it!


25o anniversario
Exact 25 years have passed since WTM's day of birth.
A process of continuous growth made up of people, ideas, projects, innovations.
Today is not an arrival, but a new starting point.
Happy birthday WTM!


Wire China 2018 preview
Come and discover our cutting-edge solutions for DATA CABLES, AERONAUTIC and AEROSPACE CABLES!
During next Wire China 2018, WTM...


WTM at Wire China 2018
From September 26th we will be waiting for you at Wire China 2018 in Shanghai.
We will be in the Italian pavilion, at your disposal to show you our latest technological innovations, in particular in the production of data cables and cables for the aeronautical and aerospace sector. See you there!

JULY 2018

Molten salt bath cabloe sintering line on Youtube
Available on our YouTube channel WTMTopEquipment the video of our molten salt bath cable sintering line for producing aerospace and aeronautic cables.

JUNE 2018

Vertical splittable taping machine on Youtube
Online on our YouTube channel WTMTopEquipment the new video of our vertical splittable cable taping machine. Two different production possibilities according to the design of the cable to produce.

APRIL 2018

Stand 11D78!
After 5 days full of meetings, Wire 2018 has just ended.
Really a great experience for us. Thanks to all those who have come and paid us a vist!

APRIL 2018

Stand 11D78!
Start to Wire 2018!
Ready to begin!
Come and meet us at our booth 11D78.

APRIL 2018

Stand 11D78
Visit our stand 11D78 and discover our VISIO SYSTEM®, learn more about our best cable take-up and pay-off units and see our high-speed taping heads for two different applications.

We look forward to meeting you!

APRIL 2018

Happy Easter!
WTM wishes everybody Happy Easter!

MARCH 2018

Infrared cable sintering ovens on Youtube
On our YouTube channel WTMTopEquipment you can watch the new video of our cable sintering line made by three infrared ovens composing a 1+3+1 heating section system.


Wire Düsseldorf logo
WTM’s core business is the design and supply of machines for the production of high quality cables.
Particular attention is paid to the process for producing aeronautic cables and high frequency data cables, employed in the field of aerospace and cloud technology.
At Wire 2018 that will take place in Düsseldorf next April, at our stand 11D78, we will show a cable taping machine that...


Shrove Tuesday, 13th February, was the perfect occasion to celebrate Carnival, spend time together and toast tasting delicious sweet “frittelle”!


Nastratrice con VISIO SYSTEM® su Youtube
The new video of a WTM horizontal wire taping machine equipped with VISIO SYSTEM®, the solution for checking the quality of the tape application on cable in real time, is online on our YouTube channel WTMTopEquipment.


Ovens and cooling tank
For years, WTM has been successfully proposing complete solutions for the production of special taped cables.
Recently, a new sintering line suitable for PTFE insulation has been designed and installed for a Customer leader in the production of aeronautic cables. This machine is suitable for ...


Impianto per test di torsione su Youtube
The video of our machine for verifying the flexibility and resistance to torsion stress of any type of cable, conductor and optical fibre is online on our YouTube channel WTMTopEquipment.


Happy Holiday
Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from the whole WTM staff!


Energy cable ON Youtube
The new video of our taping line for energy cables is online!
on our YouTube channel WTMTopEquipment.


Our YouTube channel is active!
Look for us as WTMTopEquipment, subscribe to our channel and follow us!


Wire and Cable Arabia 2017
We will participate to the Wire & Cable Arabia 2017 , the 2nd International trade fair for wire and cable industry, that will take place in the Dubai World Trade Centre from 17th to 19th December.

MAY 2017

Interwire logo
After its third participation to Interwire 2017 in Atlanta, WTM is reviewing all the interesting pieces of information gathered and the profitable meetings had during the show. We want to thank...

APRIL 2016

Wire Düsseldorf logo
We have just concluded with great success our participation to Wire 2016, which took place from 4th to 8th April in Düsseldorf. We registered a very big influx of visitors, both consolidated Customers and new contacts, which showed a great interest in...

MARCH 2016

Twinax cable
We present our high-precision taping line, specifically designed for the production of TWINAXIAL cables with low-loss and high transmission speed rate. The taping modules, ...


Wire Düsseldorf logo
We can’t miss next Wire 2016 edition di Düsseldorf, the greatest exhibition in Europe for wire and cable industry. In our booth 11D78, we will display a new horizontal line suitable for the production of COAXIAL CABLES with wires wrapped with SILVER-PLATED COPPER TAPE.


During the everyday routine, many times it happens I feel tired and exhausted because I cannot see the end of my work.
Some days later, the result becomes real in front of me...

MAY 2015

Wire Russia logo
In quick succession, after Interwire 2015 that took place in Atlanta at the end of April, we took part to Wire Russia 2015, one of the biggest events of our field in this geographic area. Despite the current stagnation of the market in many sectors, we anyway observed...

APRIL 2015

Interwire logo
We concluded with great success our participation to Interwire 2015, that took place from 28th to 30th April at the Georgia World Congress Cente in Atlanta, USA. We took the occasion to show...

MARCH 2014

Wire Düsseldorf logo
For our seventh attendance to Wire fair in Düsseldorf, we will take the occasion to show you some of the results of our most recent researches, inspired by our direct experience and the production needs of our Customers. In particular...

JUNE 2013

Wire Russia logo
Many satisfactions at this edition of Wire Russia.
It was a pleasure meeting you at our booth.
June, 25th - 28th 2013
(ZAO Expocentre) Krasnaja Presnja, Moscow – RUSSIA
Italian pavilion

APRIL 2013

Interwire logo
For us, a successfull event!
Thanks to all who paid us a visit!
April, 23rd - 25th 2013
World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA – USA



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