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Traslating cantilever take-up

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Main characteristics

Cable take-up and pay-off units are used for single cables and multiwires made of copper, tin, nickel plated or nonferrous alloys, optical fibres, insulated cores and cables and others.

The traversing version is used for flat or shaped wires of copper, aluminium or nonferrous alloys that need an absolutely precise laying, keeping the wire in straight direction. Moreover, the traslating types allow a considerable saving in terms of space occupied by the whole machines.

The available wire pay-off and take-up models are:

  • SHOULDER DESIGN, with motorized tailstocks and loading platform.
  • CANTILEVER TYPE, with reel holding and lifting by electro-driven tailstocks.
  • SINGLE SHAFT DESIGN, with reel lifting system.
  • PORTAL VERSION for big dimension reels, with motorized lifter and shoulders.

Details and options:

  • Speed control by means of dancer for wire accumulation or shock absorption.
  • Direct tension control through torque adjustment and diameter calculation.
  • Wire guide system through mechanically or electrically driven wire guide or motorized with translating reel.
  • Automatic self-centering, self-levelling, traversing versions recommended for flat wire and for reducing the total line length.
  • Automatic manipulators for reels handling.
  • Automatic feeders for paper-strip application and layers protection.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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