Vertical Cable Sintering Ovens

For sintering cables insulated with PTFE, polyimide and other tapes or extruded compounds, WTM has developed the vertical oven with mixed technology. 
The heating system combines the effect of two different technologies: infrared lamps and hot forced air, giving to this oven an high range of curing condition and making it suitable for cable with high quality requirements.
Its specific design solves two of the main problems of traditional vertical ovens: stratification of the temperatures and chimney effect.
Thanks to the air recirculation system, the 2 (or 3) independent zones guarantee the uniformity of the heating process and they are not affected by the external environment conditions.
This equipment achieves the best results in term of consistency of sintering process and it is suitable for producing conductors with high quality reuirement, such as those for aircraft, aerospace or military applications. 

Main features:
  • Automatic opening and closing structure during start/stop phases
  • Infrared pre-heating system
  • Mixed heating technology (infrared lamps and hot forced air)
  • Up to 800 °C
  • THREE independent zones 
  • Cooling system

This version is obtained simplifying the “Premium” one, maintaining the main characteristics of this technology.

Main features:
  • Manual opening and closing structure during start/stop phases
  • Mixed heating technology (infrared lamps and hot forced air)
  • Up to 800 °C
  • TWO independent zones 
  • Cooling system
Equipment to complete the sintering line:
  • Pay-offs and take-ups
  • Pulling units
  • Cooling systems 
  • Quality control devices
The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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