Company Origin

Almost 30 years of passion for cable industry

W.T.M. Srl was founded in 1993 and manufactures complete lines for the production and insulation of electrical conductors and special machines for the wire and cable industry.
Working in the wire and cable market for more than twenty years, WTM has gained the reputation of specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing high performance machines such as concentric cable taping and spinning machines, single-twist stranding equipment, cable sintering systems, rewinding lines and special machines for specific applications.

The business of WTM has its roots in the company "Officina Meccanica Antoniana", founded in 1958 and oriented to the production of mechanical precision components and mechanical parts for third parties, then addresses to the production of industrial equipment. In this way, WTM is able to produce autonomously the major part of the mechanical parts of its machines; the same for the electrical installation, for which the best components available on the market are employed. This allows to reduce the delivery times and it guarantees a high flexibility. For what concerns mechanics, electronics and applied technologies, WTM team of designer engineers can elaborate original, simple but functional solutions for satisfying Customers' requirements and solving the specific problems in the process of special cable production.

Its devotion to research and design, material selection, accurate manufacturing, assembly and testing, allows WTM machines to meet fully the requirements of the most important cable producers all over the world.
The cables realized with WTM equipment comply with the strictest international rules, thanks to the high precision and flexibility of its machines, achieved with the big experience obtained through the development of hundreds of different applications.

Our commitment for the future lies in continuously improving the technology of our machines and equipment, integrating more and more the resistant mechanical structure with the most sophisticated and innovative electronic and information elements.

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More than 500 cable producing machines sold and installed all over the world, for cable industry leading manufactures.
Application of cutting-edge technological solutions and exclusive use of top quality components produced in Europe.
Continuous support throughout the whole life of the machines with remote assistance and spare parts availability.