Vertical Cable Taping Machines

For the production of cables that do not have particular requirements regarding the possibility of bending the cable itself, WTM offers the possibility of having the taping machine with vertical layout.
This solution allows to reduce the space occupied in production by the taping line, while maintaining performance unchanged.
The vertical taping machines are suitable for the application of of any kind of tape and yarn (mica, polyamide, polyimide, PTFE, paper, polyester, laminated tapes, aluminum foil, metal, fiberglass, etc.), both on single or stranded conductors, and on mono or multipolar cables. The same flexibility is given by the possibility of working with both tape spools and pads.
The rotation of the taping head is synchronized with the speed of the line by means of the pulling capstan. The pay-off and take-up complete the taping mchine: with cantilever of single shaft design, also available with the traversing movement, with speed amanged by torque control or by a dancer
The control system is completely digital, by means of the electric axis, and the machine is managed by means of a color touchscreen operator panel.

The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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