Cable sintering line with vertical curing oven

WTM offers a wide range of ovens for sintering special cables and conductors. This video demonstrates the functions and features of the WTM high-temperature sintering line for special cables with vertical oven with mixed technology. The line has been developed by WTM for sintering cables insulated with PTFE, polyimide, FEP and other thermoplastic tapes.
It is a dynamic oven, with controlled temperature zones, working with mixed heating technology (heating process with infrared lamps and forced hot air), specially designed for heat treatment on special cables and conductors, which require uniformity, high precision, and high temperatures.
The combination of the two effects, convection and irradiation, gives this oven a high versatility, making it particularly suitable for sintering cables with high-quality requirements, such as: cables for aircraft, aerospace, oil&gas, chemical sectors etc. 
After preheating, the cable to be treated is driven through the sintering oven, suitable for temperatures up to 800 °C.
The heating tunnel is divided into three sections with independent temperature control, obtained by means of thermocouples. Each section is outfitted with double technology:
  • convection effect, by forced recirculating hot air;
  • irradiation effect, by low thermal inertia infrared lamps.
The oven can work in three different configurations, selectable by the operator:
  • only with CONVECTION effect;
The percentage of the two effects can be combined and modulated as desired, depending on the different curing needs.
All the operational parameters can be are easily set and monitored through the touchscreen operator terminal, equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Two versions of the oven are available: ADVANCED and BASIC. Each version can be outfitted with accessory equipment.
The video shows the fully-equipped cable sintering line, as follows:
  • traversing pay-off;
  • dancer for unwinding tension control;
  • infrared pre-heater;
  • vertical sintering oven, with automatic opening and closing movements;
  • control panel, for line commanding and process parameters setting;
  • cooling tunnel, managed by chiller;
  • capstan;
  • a second dancer for winding tension control;
  • traversing take-up, for sintered product laying down;
In case of special cable sintering needs, you can contact our technicians to find possible solutions.

Watch the video!