Taping Machines for Magnet Wires with Mutual Overlapping Control

High efficiency transformers and generators require flat magnet wires with accurate insulation by means of multiple layers of polyester, mica-polyester or kraft paper, according to the performance required for the final product.

The taping process of these magnetic cable requires an accurate tension control, which is complex due to the conductor rectangular shape and edges, and also a particular attention to the mutual overlapping of each successive tape, with a well-defined and constant deviation with respect to the previous one.

WTM has developed and finetuned a specific solution for these particular requirements, in order to grant the synchronization of several concentric taping heads (working at high speed), each one equipped with a tape spool (that offers greater autonomy) or pad.

The taping head synchronization is managed by WTM Visio System, a fully integrate control system provided with one or more high-speed cameras that continuously monitor and adjust - in close loop control - the positioning of the tape applied by one taping head with respect to the tape placed by the previous one.

This is a high performance and fully automatic process, whose high precision reduces errors and waste and ensures the required insulation construction.

The layout of the taping machine for magnet wire is composed by.

  • traversing pay-off, with wire tension managed by torque control;
  • straightening and cleaning unit, for the preparation the wire;
  • taping units with fully motorized taping heads, equipped with WTM dynamic dancer that guarantees a stable and constant application of tape over the wire;
  • Visio System and control software for adjusting the position of each tape compared to the previous one;
  • pulling system with two caterpillars, that control the line speed and cable tension;
  • spark tester for in-line quality control;
  • take-up with wire tension managed by torque control, and wireguide by traversing movement;
  • paper feeding device, installed on the take-up, that automatically applies a paper layer on the reel during the cable winding.

The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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