Machine for Torsion Tests on Cables

The performance and lifespan of a cable are strongly influenced by the materials that compose it, their mechanical properties and the stresses due to the application for which they are intended. The movements of the cable cause its core to move accordingly, bending, twisting, and thus increasing the risk of damage to the internal conductor and its covering.

The cables currently requested by the market must withstand and resist extreme and repeated stress over time in order to be certified. For this reason, WTM has created a specific line to test the flexibility of any type of cable, electrical conductor and optical fiber under conditions of torsional stress: the mechanical and electrical capacities of the cables during the axial torsional movement are verified and tested.

Each machine test station (up to 8 in a single system) is composed of a turning unit where the cable is fixed around a pulley, which allows its integrity to be preserved. On the other hand, a tension device with adjustable counterweights and a clamp simulate the correct tension and allow the adjustment of the length of the cable to be tested.

During the test cycles, the cable's response to stress is monitored by an external measurement system: if an error is recorded, the system tracks the cycle in which it occurred, without interrupting the entire operation (this option can be modified according to specific needs). The machine also allows to program the frequency, rotation angle, direction, acceleration and deceleration ramps, number of cycles and other parameters.

To obtain further details and understand how this test line can be customized to your specific production needs, contact us directly through one of our contact channels.