WTM TAPING KNOW-HOW – aeronautic, aerospace & defence cables

With its 30-years’ experience in the taping processes, WTM designs and supplies machines to many customers worldwide, who work in many sectors.

The cables for aeronautic, aerospace and defence sector give us the possibility to valorize our engineering attitudes and to offer machines with features specific for special cables.

Our machines perfectly meet the rigid specifications submitted by cable manufacturers leading these important fields, and help them to satisfy the requirements that they themselves have to follow.

These sophisticated cable taping lines are designed to highly perform and ensure the process quality, by means of:

  • accurate cable tension control;
  • precise tape tension control;
  • in-line or off-line sintering process;
  • in-line quality control, using laser gauges, spark testers, load cells, cameras, etc.

In this video, we show a machine of ours, realized to match these requirements, equipped with:

  • double pay-off unit, with traversing system equipped with dancer and load cell to monitor the cable tension;
  • two taping modules, equipped by triple-motorized taping heads, provided by dynamic dancer to reach low and constant tension values, suitable for polyimide and PFTE tapes;
  • One 4-zone, infrared sintering oven, with traversing system to automacally open/close a avoid cable burning;
  • water cooling system with subsequent air dryer;
  • take-up unit, with dancer tension control and traversing movement to reduce the stress on the finished cable;
  • laser gauges, capacitance sensor and spark tester, to monitor the whole taping process;
  • statistic control system to analyse the cable and the insulation process.

After watching the video of this specific cable taping line, contact us to get information or more details.