WTM Taping Machines: High Performance in all Applications

WTM taping machines ensures high performance not only in high tech applications for what concerns size and type of material (such as PTFE, ePTFE and polyimide), but also on more standard applications, using tapes such as mica, polyester and fiberglass.

Here are 4 vertical taping machines, with fully motorized taping heads designed for jumbo spools (up to 15 kg) of mica tape from 0,10 to 0,15 mm thick / 5 to 20 mm wide, for the insulation of control cables from 0,5 to 5 mm in diameter, able to reach a production speed of 2500 RPM.

Complete testing performed internally before shipment and possibility of remote pre-commissioning and commissioning, with total support to our customers' production staff by our engineers.