Longitudinal Cable Taping units

For completing the cable insulation process, WTM has designed its longitudinal cable taping unit as independent and movable device, that can be easily integrated in existing cable taping or stranding lines or added to specific taping machines (for example in the production of data cables).
WTM Longitudinal taping unit model depends on the dimensions of the cable to be taped.

The design of the longitudinal taping unit destined to bigger cables include the following features:

  • possibility to use both tape spools and pads;
  • dancer provided with different counterweights, suitable to control the tape tension and to adjust the unwinding speed;
  • potentiometer for dancer position detection;
  • low position limit switch for tape breakage detection;

On the other hand, the model of longitudinal taping unit dedicated to smaller cables has the following characteristics:

  • possibility to use both tape spools and pads;
  • high sensitivity dancer for tape tension control;
  • load cell for checking the tape tension;
  • threshold detector for identifying speed synchronism malfunction or wire breakage;

The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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