Screening Machines for High-Frequency Coaxial Cables

WTM cable screening line fully meet the requirements for the production of low-loss microwave cables used at high frequencies in different applications:

  • aerospace industry;
  • telecommunication technology;
  • aircraft applications;
  • video and computer systems;
  • military equipment;
  • medical systems, etc.

The wire wrapping head guarantees the perfect application of the silver-plated strip over the insulated core, thanks to WTM unique taping process:

  • extremely accurate wire tension control;
  • highly precise SPC tape application;
  • no stress to the core for obtaining high performance coaxial cables.

This screening machine is composed by:

  1. pay-off unit with specific tension control;
  2. taping unit with dedicated Visio System for production data acquisition (and further statistical and FFT analysis);
  3. pulling units (capstan and caterpillar);
  4. take-up unit with accurate cable deposition.
The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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