Splittable Cable Taping and Spinning Line

On its cable taping and spinning lines, WTM offers the variant of the splittable taping machine: this means having two production possibilities in a unique equipment. The splittable version is applicable only of the vertical cable taping lines.
This specific machine allows to choose among due different working modes:

  1. TANDEM mode: this means using the machine like a unique cable taping line with two vertical taping units and a single pay-off and take-up unit. In this case the cable will be built with a double tape application.
  2. SPLIT mode: this means using the machine like two separate cable taping lines, working simultaneously. In this case, there will be the simultaneous production of two cables, which can consequently have different thickness and insulation characteristics.

The splitted production process is made possible by the presence of double cable pay-off and take-up units, which therefore serve the two vertical cable taping columns individually or in pairs, depending on the production needs.

The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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