Equipment for Cable Torsional Tests

Mechanical properties, application parameters and manufacturing materials strongly influence the cable behavior and lifespan. When the cable moves, its core bends, slips, and twists, potentially damaging the conductors and insulators.

Because of the increasing quality and life time requirements, the cables have to withstand extreme long-term stresses in order to certify their durability. WTM has developed a range of testing equipment that performs mechanical and electric tests on cables with computerized in-line checking and reporting systems.
This machine determines the flexibility of any type of cable, electrical conductors as well as fiber optic cables, under torsional stress conditions. The cable mechanical and electric capacity are inspected and tested during their axial torsional motion.

Every testing station (up to 8 in a single equipment) is made with a turning unit having the cable fastened around a pulley, in order to maintain the integrity of the cable. On the other side, a pulling device with adjustable counterweight and suitable cable clamp allows the correct cable tensioning, giving also the possibility to change the length of the cable to be tested.
During the test cycle, the cables are checked by one external measuring system: in case of cable break, the corresponding counter stops and the machine continues to operate and test the remaining samples until their final break (this option can be modified according to the requirements). The machine can be programmed in frequency of rotations, angle of rotation, (different in the two directions), acceleration/deceleration ramps, quantity of cycles and others.

The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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