Cable Taping Machine with Jumbo Taping Head

Having gained long-standing experience in the cable taping process, we know which aspects our Customers focus on: precision in tape tension control, reliability of our machines over time, but also production efficiency.

Our concentric taping heads are designed to provide:

  • a wide tape tension control range, from the low values needed for small and sensitive tapes, up to the big values requested for strong and large tapes;
  • a constant and regular tape tension during the whole process, thanks to the triple motorization, synchronized by electric axis, that avoid influences due to weights, rotating direction and pads/spools diameters;
  • the possibility to employ tape spools, pads (using an adaptor) or, on request, jumbo spools for very long runs.

Considering a proper machine setting and a good tape level, our concentric taping head offer high performance in terms of taping quality, but also a reduced operator intervention, thanks to all the technological features we have implemented to increase the taping tension control and reduce the risk of tape breakage.

Taking into account these aspects as fundamental of all our heads, we have designed specific heads for the tape spools of big dimensions, to provide further advantages to the cable production.

Using jumbo spools, the tape available for each run increase up to more than 30 times, compared to a classic pad, decreasing consequently:

  • the machine downtime, due to the pad replacement;
  • the insulation junctions;
  • possible defects on cable insulation.

The fieldwork has confirmed that the process improvement is relevant, considering an increase of productivity up to 10-20%, and a decrease of production costs and machine downtime.

Watch the video of this cable taping line equipped with jumbo taping head and contact us to choose the solution that fit your production process at best.