Taping Lines for Magnetic Cables Insulated with Polyimide

High-performance magnet cables are employed to produce efficient and reliable electric generators, transformers, traction motors, etc. They consist of round or flat cables with special insulating tapes, to ensure excellent electrical conduction and insulation and enable the correct functioning even in critical conditions.

Polyimide tapes are suitable for reliable cable and wire insulation, because they combine electrical and thermal properties and allows the cable to work in a wide temperature range. These tapes are made of a polyimide film coated on one or both sides with a fluoropolymer.

To ensure the best taping process with this kind of tape, WTM has developed cable taping machines with a design which is specific for this application, taking into consideration all variables: conductor characteristics, tape properties up to the sintering process peculiarity.

The result is a complex wire taping line, typically with horizontal design, whose characteristic elements are:

  • accessories for the conductor preparation;
  • accurate pulling system for the axis control;
  • taping heads with precise tension control in every condition, managing also the rectangular conductor edges;
  • taping heads with precise tension control in every condition, managing also the rectangular conductor edges;
  • in-line taping quality control, by means of instruments or camera system;
  • pay-off and take-up suitable for smooth but precise cable laying.

In this video, you can see exactly this type of taping machine, equipped with:

  • cable pay-off and take-up unit with traversing movement, in order to maintain the wire in straight direction without any deviation from its axis;
  • wire straightening unit with steel rollers and clearing device with brushes, for ensuring the best cable preparation;
  • taping units with taping heads suitable for big cross-wound spools or heavy pads, where WTM dynamic dancer maintains the tape tension constant and stable, guaranteeing a perturbation-free process (highly appreciated in case of flat wires with a high width/thickness ratio);
  • pulling units (combined caterpillar/capstan system and final caterpillar), for controlling precisely the linear speed and the wire tension;
  • fast pre-heating process with high frequency induction heater and following infrared sintering ovens;
  • compacting units, that allow the complete adhesion of polyimide layers on the conductor;
  • cooling system, with recirculated cold water and air wipers for drying the cable;
  • in-line insulation quality control by means of spark tester.

Watch the video and, if this type of taping process falls within your production range, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for an analysis of your specifications and technical requirements.