Cabling & Taping Machines: a brand-new Website for WTM

WTM S.r.l., one of the leaders in the field of cabling and taping machines is pleased to present its new website with a completely renewed design and easier access to content.

Our company has always stood out for its dynamism and customer focus, which result in a constant and intense research and development activity, not only in response to the demands of a constantly evolving sector but also to meet the individual needs of our customers.

We decided to follow the same principles to design a whole new website so that it was:

  • Aesthetically pleasing;
  • With clearer contents;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Effective in providing information;
  • Quick in answering all your questions.

As for the contents, the most significant innovation is the double site search to suit different customer approaches and needs:

  • By taping, cabling, or sintering machine;
  • By application.

The first site search path is the traditional one, for the customer who knows what operation he has to perform and is looking for the best machine to carry it out.
The second one starts from the end product (coaxial, aeronautic, high-frequency cables, etc.), providing effective technological solutions.

The product data sheets have also been improved to make reading easier and immediately provide essential information alongside the most significant images.

As for the graphics, we have improved the quality of the images, increased the text legibility, and changed the layout to make the website really user-friendly and improve the visitors' experience.

We actually believe the company website is not just a business card or a digital showcase. We think it is our online home, the parlor where we receive our guests. And we want it to be always tidy and ready to welcome visitors. To be the best producers of cabling and taping machines, we also need to be an excellent host.