High Frequency Coaxial Cable Screening Machine

WTM cable screening line with silver-plated copper tape is engineered to support the Customer to excel in the production of coaxial cable for high-frequencies, that are required in many application sectors, such as:

  • aeronautic and aerospace industry;
  • telecommunication technology;
  • video and computer systems;
  • military equipment;
  • medical systems, etc.

In each phase, the screening process is managed focusing and paying attention to the specificity of this type of cable:

  1. pay-off with specific tension control and traversing movement to avoid any stress on the conductor;
  2. taping unit with extremely precise wire tension control and SPC tape laying accuracy, by our unique dynamic dancer;
  3. integrated Visio System for data acquisition and further statistical and FFT analysis;
  4. capstan and caterpillar pulling units with sophisticated components to avoid fluctuation on the cable movement;
  5. take-up unit with traversing system for the accurate cable deposition, to ensure the best final product.

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