Infrared horizontal sintering ovens for special cables

WTM has developed and produces specific horizontal and vertical infrared sintering ovens for completing the production process of cables that require the polymerization of the insulating layer.
These heat treatment units can be integrated into horizontal cable taping lines or can represent the heart of the rewinding lines, dedicated to the sintering process of insulated conductors.
The process takes place by irradiation using infrared lamps positioned longitudinally in the heating tunnel, which is covered with a generous layer of ceramic fibers which guarantees excellent thermal insulation, with consequent savings in the necessary energy.

The main characteristics of the infrared sintering ovens are the following:
  • maximum operating temperature up to 700 °C;
  • process stability thanks to the accurate controller (+/-1 °C);
  • possibility of selecting different temperatures on independent sintering areas;
  • different lengths of the sintering area depending on the type of process required, with modularity of 1, 2 or 3 meters in length;
  • different configuration of the process, with the combination of one or more ovens in succession, according to the production needs;
  • automatic opening and closing system;
  • forward/backward movements for the possible exclusion of heat treatment;
The sintering process can be further equipped with pre-heating devices for the pre-treatment of the cable (induction, infrared, hot air) and completed by air or water cooling systems.
To see how the horizontal infrared sintering ovens work, this video is available.