Interwire 2017: report

After its third participation to Interwire 2017 in Atlanta, WTM is reviewing all the interesting pieces of information gathered and the profitable meetings had during the show. We want to thank all the people who paid us a visit and to express our sincere appreciation to the deep interest demonstrated to our equipment.
In this edition we exhibited our high speed wrapping unit arranged with the last generation of taping head type TWM/220. Provided with the patented triple-motorized control, thanks to the high sensitivity of its DYNAMIC dancer, this head is particularly suitable for the production of special cables. This device controls the tension directly on the tape during the wrapping process: the result is extremely high precision, increased production speed and scraps reduction.
With the application of specialized tools, the unit is the best solution in the market for the production of high frequency and connecting cables for different High-Tech applications: cloud computing technology, server farms connections, wireless communications, military applications, aerospace interconnect solutions, aircraft connections. This is our answer to the increasing demand of performing cables in terms of reliability, efficiency, low-loss and high transmission speed rates.
Another must of WTM Equipment is our consolidated VISIO SYSTEM, that was displayed at the show and that generated much interest in the visitors. It is a combination of powerful HW and SW designed for emphasizing the cable surface during the taping process and collecting useful data with the aim of gathering useful statistic indexes necessary for production control and final product certifications.
WTM process experts can support Customers with their products requirements: meeting their need is our mission.