Machine for Drag Chain Tests on Cables

Special cables are often installed in narrow spaces and forced to bend, even repeatedly through time: this condition can deteriorate the cable itself and, consequently, compromise its ability to transmit data and signals.

In addition to being produced according to the highest quality standards, these cables are subject to constant and rigorous testing on specific machines, to confirm their compliance with given standards or to the customer requirements.

The drag chain test performed with WTM equipment certifies the ability of the cable to bend along the chain path, respecting extremely restrictive standards.

The movement patterns are executed through the classic trapezoidal profile, to reflect the stress applied on the cable in the customer's application. The cable is subject to bending motion through trolleys that run at high speed, up to 5 m/s, on precision guides driven by cogged belts. It is possible to test:

  • up to 4 chains simultaneously
  • for long-lasting tests around 10 mln cycles
  • with a pulling capacity up to 3300 N and
  • acceleration up to 50 m/s2 to put maximum stress on the cables.

The test parameters (traversing distance, acceleration time, maximum speed and number of cycles) are adjustable and settable by means of a touchscreen panel. During the test cycle, the cables are checked by an external measuring system: in case of cable break, the corresponding counter stops and the machine continues to operate and test the remaining samples until their final break (this option can be modified according to the requirements).

The technical characteristics of this machine can be further customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.

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