New high-speed full backtwisting cable stranding machine for special flexible cables

Our assemblers are completing the assembly and wiring phase of this new equipment: a production line for highly flexible special cables, necessary for building probes and sensors for industrial use.
It is composed of 2 triple backtwist pay-offs and 1 single backtwist pay-offs, for a total of 7 DIN 400 reels, and a single-twist stranding machine for collecting the finished cable on DIN 630 reels.
The construction of the cable takes place at high speed and in full backtwisting, in order to obtain the maximum possible flexibility: pay-offs and take-up work at a speed of 1000 RPM.
The machine also includes the integration of 2 longitudinal tapes for shielding the conductor, completing the production process.
Considering the diameters of the primary cables involved (from 0,5 to 1,5 mm), tension control is a decisive factor for the quality of the cable produced: thanks to the proven electronic adjustment system, the strong point of all WTM machines, the tension of the cables is controlled and managed in an absolutely precise way.