New high speed single-twist stranding line for special cables

WTM has developed a new single-twist stranding line specific for the production of highly flexible special cables.
The line produces extremely flexible cables, thanks to total backtwisting and high working speed (the pay-offs and the take-up work at an effective speed of 1000 twists per minute).
It is made up of several unwinding bays in full backtwisting, with modules of 3 reels or 1 (central) reel DIN 400 (optional DIN 500) and a single-twist stranding machine for collecting the finished cable on DIN 630 reels (optional DIN 800).
A pair of longitudinal tapers for shielding the conductor integrates the line and completes the production process.
The line is equipped with the WTM patented tension adjustment system, the strong point of all WTM machines. The tension control is a decisive factor for the quality of the cable produced if we consider the primary cables have a diameter from 0.5 to 2.5 mm. Thanks to the WTM system, it is possible to control and manage the tension of the individual stranded cables in an absolutely precise way during all phases.

Watch the video showing this single-twist stranding line at work.