New taping line for TWINAX cables

High-precision taping line, specifically designed for the production of TWINAXIAL CABLES with low-loss and high transmission speed rate. The taping modules, linked electrically with the double wheel capstan and served by high precision pay-off units, assure the perfect wrapping of the cores, also coupled with the drain-wire, with the application of the screening and the sealing tapes.
The precision and the consistency of the cable is obtained thanks the fully electronic wrapping heads equipped with WTM’s patented DYNAMIC dancer. The line has been designed to guarantee the most accurate tension control of both wires and tapes, despite the non-regular shape of the cable.
The line is equipped with in-line oven/s to be placed and set according the final product requests. Additionally a longitudinal taper can be added.
A comprehensive quality control by laser-gauges, VISIO SYSTEM (by camera), load-cells can be integrated in the line for the production of the cables with the possibility of data collection in order to manage the complete final product certification..
WTM supports the Customers in the choice of the correct solutions, according to the specific production needs, in the wide range of different TWINAXIAL cable constructions.