Screening Machine for Ultra Flexible Cables

WTM has designed and realized a shielding line for ultra-flexible cables, to be employed in the aeronautical sector and in all those applications that require extreme conductor flexibility.
The machine is composed of a full backtwist DIN 630 pay-off, a rotating capstan and a single-twist stranding machine, suitable for reels DIN 630 too.

The cable to be shielded, taken from the unwinding reel, is pulled by the capstan with programmed linear speed and rotated on itself, and then finally collected in the reel of the single-twist collecting unit.
Before entering the rotating capstan, up to 96 copper-coated wires are taken from an unwinding creel and applied, through a stranding star, on the surface of the conductor; the cable is thus spiraled with an almost total coverage of its surface.

Differently from the braiding process, shielding a conductor by means of this spiraling process guarantees a high production speed and allows to obtain a final product with very high flexibility.

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