Taping Machines specific for Data Transmission Cables

Twinaxial cables are employed in very-short-range high-speed differential signaling applications. Their production is based on a very sensitive process that, starting from very small cables, arrives to a complex structure including cores, drain wire and tapes in a small section. The position of each element and the tension control makes the difference between a normal data cable and a high-level one.

WTM has been working in this specific sector for a long time and has engineered a dedicated taping machine that includes all the technical features necessary for producing a twinax cable with extremely low losses and high data transmission speed, that fulfill the strict requirements for data transmission cables used in data link layer, 100Gbit Ethernet, SFP+, Ethernet, SATA 3.0, Display Port, etc.

The layout of this kind of taping machine is usually designed with:

  • one or more pay-off units for cores and, if necessary, for drain wires, depending on the twinax cable shape;
  • longitudinal taping units, if required;
  • two taping units, for the application of the screening tape and, successively, of the sealing tape;
  • synchronizing pulling unit (capstan);
  • infrared sintering oven, placed after the taping process;
  • inline quality control system for final product certification, composed by laser gauges, load cells and WTM Visio System with dedicated software;
  • traversing take-up unit, with tension control by motor torque, for accurate distribution of the finished cable on the collection reel.

Take a look at our taping machine for twinax cables in this video: for receiving further technical specifications, send us a message through our contact form or write us at sales@wtmachinery.com.