Visio system, the software to control and analyse the cable taping process

Thanks to its long experience on the requirements of special cables manufacturing and to its internal software engineering staff, WTM has developed a sophisticated application that can be installed on cable taping machines for visualizing the surface of the taped cable and analyzing the taping process in real time, during machine operation.

A photocell sensor kit synchronizes the camera system that, thanks to an appropriate illuminator, captures images for each rotation of the taping head.

The Visio System acquires all data and, in real-time, shows the Customer the taping relevant data of the taping, adding also graphic information to evaluate the process.

This electronic vision system is composed by:

  • high-resolution and high-speed camera;
  • illuminator;
  • dedicated control software;
  • monitor for image display;
  • keyboard and mouse;
  • Industrial PC;
  • UPS backup system.

The main features offered by WTM Visio System during production process are:

  1. magnifying function: the taping process is enlarged on the monitor, for a better visual check even on very small cables;
  2. measuring software: according the specific tool installed, the specific software measures the taping gap or the taping pitch on the cable and shows it and other production parameters (angles of the tape edges, Cpk index, etc) on the monitor;
  3. FFT analysis package: an additional software executes the FFT analysis on the lay-length of the wrapping process; it can be done on the full set of samples, on-line (continuous monitoring) or off-line, based on the time-reference.

In case of measurements outside the defined range of tolerance, an alarm goes off: a three-colour lamp gives a colour code, depending on the different signal type.

Customization according to the specific production requirements of the Customer is possible.

Watch the video of this helpful software, and contact us for a tailor-made quotation.