Wire 2014: preview

For our seventh attendance to Wire fair in Düsseldorf, we will take the occasion to show you some of the results of our most recent researches, inspired by our direct experience and the production needs of our Customers.

In particular, at our stand 11E77, we will display:
  • a WORKING horizontal wrapping machine with two taping modules wrapping polyimide + PTFE, typical application for aerospace cables. They will be equipped respectively with new 150mm and 220 mm taping heads for cross wound spools, that can run up to 3000 rpm, fitted with a traditional WTM proprietary high sensitivity tape tension control. These heads are also suitable for any other kind of tape. For the quality control on the taping process, the WTM’s VISIO SYSTEM® will be installed and working.
  • a WORKING vertical taping machine suitable for a revolutionary mica tape, an innovative tape for the production of fire resistant and fire retardant cables. The advantages of this new technology are: no tape-flacking effect, reduced quantity of tape needed, increased production capability in the following extrusion process and smaller thickness of the required external insulating material; all this resulting in a greater efficiency in the cable installation. The line is completed with translating take-up and pay-off, allowing reduced footprint.
In addition to these machines, at our stand we will be pleased to illustrate the new line we developed, specific for the application of metallic tapes on coaxial cables suitable for high frequencies, and all the range of our production: together with taping lines for other applications, there are single twist bunching machines, sintering/sealing ovens, machines for testing cables according to the most severe norms, and much more.
Come and see our machines! You will feel our dedication and commitment to improve continuously the solutions you are looking for.