Wire 2016: preview

We can’t miss next WIRE 2016 in Düsseldorf, the greatest exhibition in Europe for wire and cable industry. In our booth 11D78, we will display a new horizontal line suitable for the production of COAXIAL CABLES with wires wrapped with SILVER-PLATED COPPER WIRE/TAPE.
It includes a payoff and take-up, caterpillar/capstan combined pulling unit and a wrapping unit that is equipped with the latest-generation taping head for CuAg-coated wire/tape. Thanks to its high sensitivity DYNAMIC dancer, this triple-motorized head is particularly suitable for such kind of cable. The active control system precisely directly adjusts tension in real time as materials are being wrapped. It applies the pre-set pulling tension on the tape and keeps it constant, even when the tape is traversing from edge to edge on the spool.
The line can come with newly designed single-shaft payoff and take-up units both traversing in two axis, self-aligning and self-leveling, that maintain the cables path absolutely straight. With a technologically advanced torque control the cable tension is controlled in feedback and adjusted in real time. No dancers are used, even for very low cable tensions, to avoid unnecessary and damaging cable bending.
WTM’s VISIO SYSTEM will be installed in the displayed line: this electro-optical control system magnifies the cable surface image during the production process therefore visual controls, measurements, direct feedback and real time checking on the cable surface are now possible according the several configurations and the various options available. Every data can be logged and stored or sent by LAN connection to any department for analysis and generating statistics, trends and production diagrams.
A second taping module to be displayed has a triple-motorized taping head suitable for PTFE tapes. A variant of a previous one, it can provide direct control of tape tension, before the wrapping point, with a very tight tolerance that is less than ±0,1 Newton. This high sensitivity makes it possible processing softest and most critical materials.
Moreover, we will take the occasion of Wire 2016 to presents our most advanced single-twisting unit for very sophisticated LAN cables (Cat. 5/6/7/7a/8). Thanks to the new developed technical solutions, this highly efficient unit can also produce other kinds of precise cables, like high flexibility cables, signal cables (encoder), cables for robotic industry and suitable for overhead laying ones.
The superior quality of the finished cables is achieved by the machine’s extremely accurate cable tension control optimized thanks to the use of a dancer in combination with a pulling capstan, which is rotating. The result of this combination is a precise and constant lay length, one of the basic conditions for this kind of cables. Consequently there is an increased precision in production as the twisting process is completely de-coupled from the feeding system. The pulling unit can be excluded, therefore the single twisting unit can work as master of the line, for cables to be produced with a much straight path.
This machine permits the choice of the best regulator according to the cables’ specific characteristics and assures the widest range of product processing capability. The machine can be placed in line with concentric back-twist feeders, that the company produces for the market, to form a whole line with the total coordination of the back-twisting/twisting function, granting that, in the final cable, the signals are travelling at the same speed in every wire.
The single twisting unit can be coupled also with other existing payoffs and it can be completed with several additional equipment and accessories including various type of tape wrapping machines for different tapes.
Stop by our booth and we can tell you more about our lines and systems, such as our new horizontal line suitable for TWINAX cables, for wrapping COAXIAL cables with silver-plated copper wire/tapes and the triple-motorized taping head for PTFE and about our collective lines, which can process the most demanding cable applications for sophisticated sectors such as aeronautical, aerospace, IT communication and military uses.