Wire 2016: report

We have just concluded with great success our participation to WIRE 2016, which took place from 4th to 8th April in Düsseldorf.
We registered a very big influx of visitors, both consolidated Customers and new contacts, which showed a great interest in our equipment, mostly focused on finding solutions to their concrete production needs. The technology we presented in the horizontal taping lines exhibited was specific for the production and shielding of high frequency coaxial cables while a second set was a taping module for specific cables normally used in aeronautic/aircraft, submarine, aerospace, military fields.
Great interest was shown by visitors also in our new single twist stranding machine, shaft type, studied and created in detail for the production of very sophisticated LAN cables (Cat. 5/6/7/7a/8). This equipment offers at the same time the possibility to produce other high-level cables, like those required for robotic industry and overhead laying, characterized by high flexibility.
Finally, a very important moment was when one of our consolidated customer came asking for a new electric cabinet as the one installed in his line is more than 15 years old. He uses the line 24 hour a day all year long and he is afraid that some part, not anymore present on the market, goes broken forcing him to stop the line for long time!
We are glad to thank all those people who visited our booth and for the interesting discussions held: the information we collected will be very precious for improving and innovating our products and services, with the aim of meeting Customers’ requirements in the best way.