Wire Russia 2013: report

Like the previous editions of Wire Russia, also this one has been successful and source of many satisfactions.
Despite the present economic situation is not so bright, the visits were numerous and stimulating: we had the pleasure of seeing again our long standing customers and meeting new people, professional, qualified and interested in our products, in expanding the existing projects and in developing new ones, with which we hope to start future collaborations.
During the fair, fundamental appointment for Russian operators of the wire market and not only, for highlighting our last technological solutions in the field of taping machines we organized an event at our booth, presenting our integrated lines for wrapping flat and round wire with polyimide tapes, and for its in line sinterization.
We want to address a special thanks to the eminent Prof. Peshkov, president of IA Intercable, the association of the main producers of cables and related machines all over the world, and Mr. Masini, vice-director of Moscow office of ICE, the agency for the promotion of Italian companies abroad, that intervened with particularly gratifying words toward us, that make us proud of our conduct.
This proves that our efforts in pursuing a continuous improvement is favourably considered both by our customers and the institutions, and this gives us new energy for persisting in the research of the best solutions aimed at satisfying our customers’ requirements.