WTM Cable Rewinding Machine with Semi-automatic Spooler

With the aim of optimizing the production phase and guarantee the quality in the final product, the cable manufacturers very often reserve time and attention to the process of cable rewinding, both to supply batches of cable in smaller reels and to better curate the deposition of the cable itself.

With such goal, WTM develops and produces a wide range of semi-automatic cable rewinding lines, that improve the ergonomics of the operator's manual work and, consequently, optimize the cost of the rewinding and packaging phase of the finished cable. In fact, the construction layout of this type of machine minimizes the contribution of human intervention in the full reel packaging process.

The cable rewinding line consists of:

  • motorized pay-off unit;
  • dancer for automatic cable tension control and option for tension monitoring by means of load cell;
  • instrumentation for quality control and marking, according to customer specifications, and integration of the "back to fault" function;
  • traversing take-up unit;
  • device for cable cutting;
  • protective film applicator.

The steps for the operator are very simple:

  1. The empty reel, prepared on a fixed position, is automatically loaded and locked on the take-up.
  2. The operator fixes the cable to the reel drum and starts the machine.
  3. When the rewinding line approaches the total length value preset in the meter counter, the speed decreases, the cable is automatically cut, the reel is packed with polyester film and unloaded.
  4. The finished product is immediately available to be moved and stored in the warehouse.

Moreover, the loading of the empty reel can be further automated by setting up an automatic feeding stocking system of empty reels.

Here is the video that shows the operation of this semiautomatic cable rewinding line: for any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.