WTM High Speed Concentric Backtwist Pay-off units

The backtwist pay-offs are the necessary completion of single-twist stranding lines; this type of machines is used for the production of cables destined to the automotive sector, for robotics, for the construction of data transmission cables, cables for instrumentation, etc.

WTM, which has always been attentive to the multiple production needs of its Customers, offers concentric backtwist pay-off units for single reel, but also for two or three reels.
In particular, the latest version of the triple concentric backtwist pay-off reaches the speed of 1000 RPM while maintaining the high accuracy of the cable backtwisting, especially in case of small dimension wires.

These performances are obtained thanks to a specific rotating dancer, which guarantees the absence of any interference in the distribution of the twists on the wire before the stranding process.