WTM High-Speed, Single-Twist Stranding Line for Special Cables

WTM single-twist stranding machines are designed to produce a wide range of cables for high-tech sectors of application, where accuracy and precision in the process are fundamental aspects to be respected. The extreme flexibility of configuration, depending on the cable design, is the additional plus of our stranding lines.

The wide variety of cable range of productions challenges to reach total backtwisting, accurate tension control and high working speed. To ensure the best cabling process, WTM has engineered single-twist stranding lines that can include, according to the Customer requirements:

  • primaries backtwist pay-offs, with precise wire tension control;
  • customized stranding stars, according customer preferences;
  • rotating pulling system, with integrated dancer control;
  • taping solutions suitable for any need, from longitudinal to concentric layout;
  • take-ups with precise cable laying and stable production, also at high speed.

In this video, we show this type of machine, realized to match these requirements; it is equipped with:

  • primaries backtwist DIN400 pay-offs, with single or multiple layer construction for space saving, and the WTM patented tension adjustment system: our concentric dancer control, which reaches minimum tension values;
  • stranding star, for preparing and collecting the wires at best before the stranding phase;
  • integration of longitudinal tapers for shielding the conductor;
  • double-pintles DIN630 take-up, with high-tech flyer cage for high performances.

After watching the video, our sales department are available for any question or request: contact us through the channel you prefer.