WTM Horizontal Cable Taping Machine for PTFE Tape Application

The PTFE taping process is especially recommended to produce cables that must offer good electrical resistance and strong mechanical properties, reduced dimensions and resistances to temperature peaks.

Thanks to the characteristic high viscosity and the high melting temperature, the polytetraflouroethylene ensures a proper insulation even if the cable is installed in ambient that suddenly reaches peaks that exceed the nominal operating temperature, generally between -200 °C and 260 °C.

A cable insulated with PTFE has good resistance to flames, but it is also highly repellent to water, oil and many chemical elements, a feature that allows the properties of the cable not to change.

These elements make the PTFE taping process very important for many cables, such as instrumentation, sensors and signal cables.

The key-factors to have a high-performance PTFE taping machine are:

  • accurate cable tension control, by using pay-off and take-up with dancer tension control.
  • precise tape tension control, by using a 3-motor taping heads provided with dynamic concentric dancer, that reaches low and constant tension values.
  • consistent taping process with an in-line continuous control, based on WTM VISIO quality control system and statistical analysis.
  • in-line or off-line sintering process, to grant the cable insulation performance.
  • in-line quality control using lasers-gauges, spark-tester, load-cells, cameras, etc.

The specific machine configuration shown in this video includes:

  • pay-off unit, equipped with lifter for heavier reels;
  • taping units with triple motorized taping head with dynamic dancer and Visio System for process monitoring;
  • capstan pulling units;
  • take-up unit with accurate cable deposition, thanks to the traversing movement of the reel;
  • dancer at the pay-off and take-up, for tension control and speed synchronization, remotely managed by pneumatic electro-valve.
  • The technical characteristics of our cable taping lines can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.

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