WTM Rigid Cable Stranding Machine for Data Cables

The rigid cable stranding line developed by WTM represents for the data cable manufacturers one important tool to complete their process with accuracy and a high-quality level.

This machine is engineered with attention to the details, starting from tension control on single element, up to the smooth cable path, designed to reduce the cable bending angles and twisting effect.

The flexible design of this cable stranding line offers the possibility to complete it with pay-offs and take-ups, pulling units such as capstan or caterpillar (that can be combined), or rotating capstan, concentric or longitudinal tapers, etc., in order to cover all specific technical requirements.

In case the product quality has to be certified, WTM can integrate all quality control devices, such as laser gauges or WTM vision system, for visual control and production data analysis.

Here are the main features of this equipment:

  • 4-bay or 6-bay stranding unit (other solutions available on request);
  • each bay can handle reels up to 300 mm diameter (optional 400 mm);
  • electronic tension control of each element;
  • rotation speed up to 100 RPM;
  • high precision on stranding pitch.

Watch the video of this specific cable stranding machine, and contact us for a customized quotation.