WTM Screening Machines for High Frequency Coaxial Cables: Details

After announcing the evolution of our taping line dedicated to the production of high frequency coaxial cables, let's analyze in detail the technical characteristics of this type of enhanced taping machine.
The machine, with one taping module, is equipped with a specific cable tension control that makes the line speed absolutely stable and perfectly synchronized with the rotation speed of the taping head; this keeps the taping pitch and angle centesimal tolerances.
The equipment is also provided with sophisticated controls for dimensional verification of the product throughout the production process (measurement of the diameters and eccentricity of the cable in the various passages - before, during and after taping process, reading of the taping pitch and angle by means of a camera for each rotation of the taping head) and for monitoring the main production parameters, such as: cable tension, tape tension, line speed stability, precision of the various rotating devices.
All the parameters described above are saved on file and processed, even online, in order to analyze the statistical quantities (Cpk, standard deviation) and the frequency trend (through FFT analysis). WTM provides all the electronics and software for the acquisition and analysis of all the signals coming from measurement lasers, load cells, drives, encoders, PLCs, etc.
For any further information or technical information, do not hesitate to send us your request.