WTM Single-Twist Stranding Line, Single Shaft Design, for Special Cables

Cables employed in high-tech sectors such as automotive, robotics, telecommunication, instruments, data transmission, energy, and more, need to be characterized by extreme flexibility and accuracy in their lay-length: with this focus, we design and build our single-twist cable stranding machines.

According to the working preferences and the cable specifications provided by the Customer, we select the layout configuration and we design and produce a machine tailored to the production requirements; the cable quality, achieved thanks to our accurate tension control on both wire and tape, and to the precise stranding pitch will guarantee the Customer excellence in its business.

In particular, our single-shaft model is characterized by a smooth deposition path, obtained by angles and pulleys properly designed to bend the cable during the winding phase as little as possible, and the “low-stress” wireguide principle, that erases the reversing stress on the cable: these two key points make this solution ideal for a wide range of cables, even complex and sensitive.

We complete our cable stranding machine with:

  • backtwist pay-offs, with twist control from 0 to 130%, for reels from DIN 400 to DIN 800, in single or multiple overlaying configuration (according to the reel dimensions), and valorized by a dancer tension control; the backtwist setting and the constant tension control allow to produce highly flexible stranded cables;
  • rotating capstan, with the possibility to act as master of the line that pulls the cable and controls the tension with the integrated dancer, or as slave in case the tension required increases;
  • longitudinal tapers, single or double, to wrap the stranded cables with tapes taken from spools, pads and even jumbo spools, with tension control by dancer;
  • concentric tapers, to finally close the cable with tapes taken from pads or spools, with tension control by dynamic dancer or torque control, in order to have a very wide application range.

The common thread on all these units composing our cable stranding lines is the attention to details we add, and that makes WTM equipment different from any other competitors. To reach this goal, we thank all our Customers, that challenge us and push us to always increase our technology level, to improve the cabling process and to make the operators’ life easier.

Watch the video of this specific cable stranding machine, and contact us for a customized quotation.