WTM Sintering Line for PTFE Insulated Cables

Thanks to the high thermal stability and the low thermal conductivity, PTFE is an excellent material for high temperature insulation, which grants a high electrical resistance in a very wide temperature range. On the other hand, PTFE is sensitive to the tension and must be handled carefully to get the maximum results.

The PTFE sintering process is engineered to ensure the best quality of the final cable, providing the Customer with multiple solutions to cover all needs and installation preferences, from the inline and the offline version to the horizontal or vertical execution.

In addition to infrared sintering ovens, the range of WTM heat treatment systems includes also the hot forced recirculating air and an adjustable combination of both, in order to give our Customers the flexibility to find their own recipe.

Main features:

  • Infrared lamps placed at 120° to cover the cable surface;
  • Automatic opening/closing system with onward and backward movements during start/stop phases, to avoid the cable burning;
  • Different configuration and dimensions: 1.5, 2 or 3 meters of length;
  •  Multiple sintering zones with independent temperature settings.
Technical details:
  • Maximum temperature: 450 °C (1,5-meter-long oven) or 550 °C (3-meter long oven);
  • Heating tunnel insulated with mineral and ceramic fibres, which external surface not exceed 80-100 °C;
  • Dedicated thermocouple for each infrared radiating panel, connected to the PLC for its integrity checking;
  • SCR “zero crossing” regulators and thermocouple sensor control for each sintering zone.
Equipment to complete the sintering line:
  • Induction pre-heating system;
  • Cooling and drying units (by air or by water).

Watch the video of this specific cable sintering line and contact us to choose the best solution, according to your specific production needs.