WTM TAPING KNOW-HOW – High-frequency twinax data cables

The current taping machine for the sector of high-frequency data cable produced by WTM is the result of a long-time experience and cooperation with our Customers to fine-tune a process that must consider:

  • very small cables, with cores from AWG26 down to AWG34 and drain wires even AWG36, with accurate cable design;
  • extremely precise taping process, that includes both screening and sealing tape application;
  • in-line sintering process and winding solution to grant the final cable conformity;
  • full control of all parameters during the process to ensure the final product certification.

Our twinax cable taping machines, customizable according the cable recipe and configuration, take all these points into consideration and are designed to grant the process quality, by means of:

  • accurate cable tension control, by using pay-offs with dancer tension control and feedback by load-cells;
  • taping heads that work at the lowest tension level, with high accuracy and stability;
  • double-wheel capstan as synchronizing pulling unit;
  • in-line infrared sintering sliding ovens;
  • torque-controlled take-up unit, provided with traversing system for accurate cable distribution;
  • quality control system, composed by laser gauges, load cells and WTM Visio System.

In this video, we show this type of taping line, equipped with:

  • two pay-offs for cores, with tension control by dancer;
  • two pay-offs for drain wires, again with tension control by dancer;
  • two taping modules, each one composed by longitudinal and concentric taping units, with by-pass possibility;
  • in-line infrared sintering oven;
  • WTM Visio System with camera, in order to monitor the concentric taping process;
  • double-wheel capstan as synchronizing pulling unit;
  • traversing take-up, torque controlled, for accurate cable distribution.

For obtaining further details and understanding how the most suitable cable taping machine could be designed, don’t hesitate to contact us.