Visio System for the Management of Cable Production Images

WTM has developed a specific application to be installed on cable taping lines for visualizing the surface of the taped cable and analysing the taping pitch in real time, during machine operation.
A photocell sensor, with cable and reflector, synchronizes the camera system and capture images for each rotation on each taping head.
This electronic vision system is composed by:
  • high-resolution and high-speed camera;
  • illuminator;
  • dedicated control software;
  • monitor for image display;
  • keyboard and mouse;
  • PC on industrial rack;
  • UPS backup system;
The main functions offered by WTM Visio System during production process are:
  1. Magnifying function: the taping process is magnified on the monitor during machine running, allowing a better visual check.
  2. Measuring software: the specific software measures the taping pitch on the cable during machine running and shows the data and other production parameters on the monitor, such as the angle of the tape edges and the Cpk index.
  3. SPC and FFT software:  all data are logged on files and can be post-processed by WTM Data Analysis Software, which is able to manage all main Statistical Process Control indexes and the FFT analisys for high speed cables.
In case of measurements outside the defined range of tolerance, the system handles an alarm: a three-colour lamp is used to give a colour code, depending on the different signal type.
The technical characteristics can be customized according to the specific production requirements of the Customer.
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