High Performance Single-Twist Stranding Machine for Small Section Cables or Flexible Wires

The single-twist stranding line in this video is suitable for the high-speed production of extremely flexible multicore cables. The machine consists of:

  • backtwist pay-offs, each with two superimposed reels to reduce overall dimensions and with a dancer for the precise control of the wire unwinding tension;
  • stranding star for the correct positioning of the cables and for the best centering of the stranding point;
  • stranding machine for reels of different dimensions, thanks to the simple replacement of the centering pintles. Inside the soundproof cabin, the stranded cable is laid down on the reel precisely and without excessive stress, thanks to a system of longitudinally translating transfer pulleys.

The attention to details and design allows this machine to reach a rotation speed of 1000 RPM, without renouncing the control of the cable tension and the precision of the stranding pitch.

Watch the video!