Interwire 2023: WTM enhances the production of special cables

WTM has a huge wealth of technical experience in the process of applying tapes of different materials on conductors and in the design and construction of cable taping lines, stranding machines and cable heat treatment systems that allow to obtain special cables of excellent quality.

The advancement of WTM technology has focused in particular on data transmission cables, high frequency coaxial cables, aeronautical cables and special high-performance cables. For this reason, Interwire 2023 will be the best occasion to show the latest generation taping module designed for the application of silver-plated copper tape, necessary for the realization of high frequency coaxial cables.

This taping unit is characterized by a compact frame, which offers the best of technology in terms of production quality and process support. The quality of the tape application is ensured by the fully motorized concentric taping head for SPC screening tape, with the innovative electronic dynamic dancer able to control the tape tension down to a very low limit, with an accurate and stable result.

The operator can set the process parameters comfortably on a 21” touchscreen HMI panel, and check the machine performance through the sophisticated monitoring system included in this machine: a high-speed camera reads the taping pitch and the angle at each rotation of the head and allows the monitoring of the main production parameters (cable tension, tape tension, line speed stability, precision of the various rotating devices).

The above-mentioned parameters, together with the signals coming from measurement lasers, load cells, drives, encoders, PLCs, etc., are saved and processed online for analysing statistical index (Cpk, standard deviation) and frequency trends (FFT analysis), thanks to WTM original dedicated software.

We invite you to come to Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, booth #267 and see this machine and to discuss with our specialists your production needs, in order to find the best solution to make you production take a step forward.