Wire 2022: Preview

Thanks to the experience of almost thirty years in the manufacturing of cable taping machines, stranding lines, sintering ovens and camera vision system for in-line quality inspection, WTM has become the reference for producers of special high-performance cables all over the world for many applications: aeronautical, aerospace, instrumentation, high speed data transmission, telecommunications, automation on industry, commercial and military strategic sectors.

WTM taping, stranding and heat treatment lines are composed and built specifically starting from the characteristics of the final cable to be obtained. They stand out in particular for the high performances they offer, in terms of production speed, process quality and, consequently, of the finished product, reduction of waste, etc.

We take the important opportunity of this edition of Wire 2022, after the stop imposed by the pandemic, to present our latest generation cable screening machine for the application of silver-plated copper tape, for the production of high frequency coaxial cables.

The pay-off unit has been integrated with a specific cable tension control system that, together with the pulling unit (capstan or caterpillar) perfectly synchronizes the line speed with the taping head rotation; in this way, the process is absolutely stable and grants centesimal tolerances for what concerns the taping pitch and angle.

Moreover, this machine is equipped with sophisticated devices dedicated to dimensional controls on the product throughout the whole production phase, such as: measurement of cable diameter and eccentricity before, during and after taping process, reading of the taping pitch and angle by means of a camera for each rotation of the taping head, monitoring of the main production parameters (cable tension, tape tension, line speed stability, precision of the various rotating devices).

The above-mentioned parameters, together with the signals coming from measurement lasers, load cells, drives, encoders, PLCs, etc., are saved and processed online for analysing statistical index (Cpk, standard deviation) and frequency trends (FFT analysis), thanks to WTM original dedicated software.

We invite you to come at our booth 11D78 to discover our screening process for high frequency coaxial cable and to the discuss with our specialists your production needs, in order to find the best solution to make you production take a step forward.